FRP Pultruded Products
Through pultrusion procedure, a material known as fiberglass reinforced plastic is made. Offered FRP Pultruded Products have astonishing benefits over different material, for example, timber aluminum or steel, that include being greatly corrosion safe, lightweight, non conductive to heat and electricity, highly dependable and least handling. Shop for different sizes of FRP products at retail pricing.
Frp and Grp Moulded Gratings
Our FRP and GRP molded gratings are acknowledged for their corrosion resistance and elevated strength in the extreme conditions, safety and long life that suit the elaborated global grating standards. The gratings are composed from various carefully picked resin systems. Further, our molded gratings are intended to offer numerous years of dependable service, outperforming the conventional material they supplant.
FRP GRP Decorative Lighting Poles
Our FRP GRP Decorative Lighting Poles are a post or column deployed to reinforce overhead electrical cables and different other open utilities, for example, fiber optic link, electrical cable and allied equipment, for example, street lights and transformers. They can be alluded to as telegraph post, telegraph pole, hydro pole, power pole, telecommunication pole, telephone pole or transmission pole, relying on the usage.
FRP Pultrusion Profile
Our FRP Pultruded Profiles possess different benefits such as low weight, electrical insulation, corrosion resistance and extraordinary rigidity. These are intended by masters in composite structures, considering every property demanded in load bearing beam or profile, for example, transversal strength, flange flexural resistance, shear resistance and longitudinal strength.

FRP and GRP Canopies
The need to secure the equipment like motors needs no accentuation. The day by day failures because of some reason is reminding us generally. A minimal expenditure additional spent on the defensive means like our FRP and GRP Canopies, is worth, than confronting the failures and breakdown i.e. manufacturing loss. The engines are constantly subjected to unusual conditions different from the composed parameters, for example, accidental conditions, nature of work and more.
FRP and GRP Cable Tray
Options for non-ventilated and ventilated FRP and GRP Cable Tray are available. The tray is appropriate for low weight outdoor or indoor applications. It has corrosion safe and light weight fiber glass construction with cable fill space free from connection hardware as well as sharp edges. There are options for accessories for completely secure installations.
Fiber Glass Products
Our fiber glass products such as gratings, trays, cables, handrails and poles provide different benefits as contrasted to conventional material such as wood, concrete or untainted steel. With their high corrosion impedance, our products are most economical over prolong service life for numerous applications. These products additionally offer elevated strength, less weight, capability to endure elevated temperatures with personalization abilities.
FRP Ladder
Versatile FRP converts from raw material into finished products like our FRP Ladder to help customers to get closer to their work space. These products are critical for industrial applications as their work cannot be completed with any other products. The flying sections are already pierced on the head for simple area installation of accessories.
Fencing Railings
Offered Fencing Railings are ideal for every sort of safety and an indispensable component when improving and building youngsters play park. Decades of functional life insurance covers the outline, installation, manufacturing and finish. However, because of pales arrangement, there is a more gap between each band over the head rail.
Cable Cleat
Provided scope of cable cleats are both diverse as well as comprehensive, intended for application within hazardous locations and industrial areas, and also, pro applications, for example, petrochemical, gas, oil, underground and railway. They are tried to guarantee that, instead of cable formation deployed on the introduction, there is appropriate cleat.
Material Holding Clamps
Our material holding clamps are made to suit the most requesting necessities, to keep customers’ work samples set up. Work samples should be held in a particular position utilizing a particular measure of pressure in the briefest timeframe. Once work sample is clasped, the handling of it is typically completed.
GRP Profiles
GRP Profiles are designed with high strength to weight ratio with low thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance design. They are developed in different designs and dimensions for meeting varied construction demands.
Cooling Towers Solutions
Cooling Towers Solutions are designed for keeping the atmosphere cool by removing the waste heat with the cooling of a water stream. They are easy to install, durable and sturdy towers available in different dimensions.
 Frp Grp Tanks
Different material have been experimented for caliber and durable tanks in different industries. Hence, we highlight Frp and Grp Tanks that are composed from modern composite material for chemical plant instruments such as vessels and tanks. Our tanks come in specified sizes and are made through filament winding and hand lay-up procedures.
Carbon Fiber Rod
Projected in caliber epoxy resin, our carbon fiber rod is exceptionally solid and straight. It is an impeccable building material for trusses, frames as well as for application in replacement supporting material. As our rod is important building block, it discovers outstanding utility in elevated performance and building of engineered structures.