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Offering high quality FRP / GRP Products, Cable Tray, Grating, Handrails, Pultruded Profiles, Industrial Fiberglass Products, Industrial Fiberglass Products, Tanks etc.


Providing long-lasting as well as new age "Green" solution to the Infrastructure Sector.
Metal is a long-standing material, which is used for diverse infrastructure applications including water pipelines, sewage pipelines, crude pipelines, gas pipelines, light poles, power distribution transformers, industrial & residential walkways, scaffoldings, storage tanks, and others. They are generally exposed to environment extremities which leads metal to corrode, and damage the aesthetics as well as functionality. Soil composition, humidity, presence of acidic contents, direct / long water contact, salt, etc. are some main factors which destroy the metal. GRP/FRP Composite is a new-age Green Solution to the factors discussed above, and at the same time they are meeting the requirement of strength.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

We care for global community and it's an important element of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Our FRP/GRP products are an Eco-friendly alternate to different traditional materials.

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Our talented team of researchers and engineers is constantly working to create innovative solutions, by using the composites for their foremost advantages.
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