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General Industry

Composites are considered best choice as compared to all kinds of traditional material for their unique combination of superior properties. These are highly corrosion resistant, light-weight and come in high firmness.

Since composite material find diverse applications in different industries, it doesn't seem possible to chain them in any individual category or segment.

Applications & Products

Defence sector: Mine detecting probes, telescopic camouflage supporting poles, tubular Bangalore torpedoes, powder packing tubes, cable rod sets and etc.

Agriculture and Forest: Fence posts, sprayer tubes, olive picking systems and different others.

Sugar refineries, resin plants, mining, cooling water systems: GRP/FRP pipe structures can be developed using different pultrusion profiles that have numerous applications.

Machine Industry

Composite profiles of carbon fiber and glass fiber are two superior material. Due to their stiffness and precise weight ratio, these can be used in machines for fast moving sections. Machines that have diverse operations, tight tolerances and ambient temperatures get benefits from attributes of low thermal expansion. Carbon fiber profiles and pultruded glass fiber are known to develop superior fatigue properties. Composite profiles perform exceptionally, when machines operate in corrosive and high chemical surroundings.

Below are the properties that make composites the best pick for various applications:

  • Superior fatigue properties

  • Excellent strength

  • Low weight

  • Right damping properties

  • Smooth surface

  • Shape's capability

  • Huge tolerance capacity

Applications and Products:

Robotic and manipulator parts, processing machines, packing machines, measuring devices, etc

Cleaning and Maintenance

Unique properties like good strength, robustness and low weight can be achieved only through specific formulations and not by using traditional material in huge quantity. Major benefits by composites are available for:

  • Marine applications: salt water resistance

  • Chemical environmental applications: resistance to most of the chemicals

  • Electrical applications: glass fiber (an insulator)

  • Hygienic environment: holds up vessel 140C temperature

  • Strict hygienic applications: antimicrobial additives for extended protection

  • Long reach applications: solid, sturdy and light in weight

  • Measuring applications: low thermal expansion

  • Telescopic applications: composite tubes are buckling resistant

Due to a huge expertise of composites, accessories and multiple locking solutions, we successfully build tailor-made products to fulfill your specific requirements. Our product range of 10-part telescopes or a standard fixed length handles are best suited for working height between 1-25 meters.

  • While replacing any traditional working method (ladders, lifts, scaffolds) for safe, easy, quick and cost-effective solutions.

  • For some composite material benefits, replace the traditional material like aluminum, wood and steel.

  • Discover absolutely new products with us.

Application & Products

Tools Handles: Handles, Telescopic Tubes and Fixed Tubes

Transportation Industry

Owing to the rare properties of composites such as strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, light weight, chemical resistance, etc.; these are widely and increasingly used in transportation industry.

  • Being much lighter as compared to metals, composites are helpful in cost saving with lower fuel consumption, easier handling and lower installation costs.

  • Composites strength is comparatively better than aluminum or steel, for providing safer, lighter and cheaper substitutes. Rigidity properties overtake non-metallic material like plastic that are normally used. Metals moduli can get matched by rightly selecting reinforcements at times.

  • Composites contribute to the thermal efficiency of applications for being excellent insulators: there's no cold feeling, no cold bridges or ice formation. These are highly valued for exhibiting superior shape stability, non-stiff quality in cold and low thermal expansion.

  • Composites prove superior to metals for being able to resist most of the chemical agents, being unaffected by salt sprayed roads, acid rains or harmful environments.

  • Since composites can be taken back to original shape without any permanent damage, these are acknowledged for being elastic material. Impact tolerance and shape memory have important benefits to serve requirements in transport industry.

Telecommunication Industry

Product application in telecommunication industry requires huge strength and rigidity besides ensuring good weather ability, huge wave transfer and UV stabilization.

Mobile Towers: Structures are manufactured using various Pultrusion profiles, Antenna Radomes and Tubes.

Electrical Industry

Due to right insulation properties of FRP composites, Aeron FRP products are highly useful in electrical industry.

Standard application areas of these FRP products cover various among composite profiles for electrical machines, composite insulators and arresters, insulated ladder profiles, electrical distribution devices and insulated handling systems.

Access Systems: Telescopic ladders & safety ladders

Insulation System: Insulation rods, telescopic operating rods & cross arms.

Paper Industry

Paper Industry requires non corrosive and light weight products. Aeron regularly supply to the paper industry.

Access Systems: Stairs and decking, ladders, gratings, handrails and cable trays

Energy Industry

Recognizing the fact that search to provide new kinds of cost-effective and environmentally friendly energy solutions is growing rapidly across the globe to a huge extent; we have involved ourselves in all major industries for different applications.

Due to the increased size of commercial wind turbine blades and the necessity is to decrease the weight with enhanced toughness is crucially important. Resolving this problem using pultruded components is highly prevalent with Aeron Composite. We manufacture profiles merging glass and carbon fiber along with polyester, epoxy resin systems and vinylester to fit to the specific design standards.

Building & Infrastructure Industry

Industrial applications in building, infrastructure and construction industry requires enduring performance. Pultruded composite profiles are widely recognized to outperform any other plastic material on the mechanical properties. Reinforcements like carbon and glass fibers deliver high performance and can match competition with metals.

Among various benefits of the composite profiles is the low weight that leads to easy installation. It also offers thermal insulation & stability, durability in highly corrosive environments, electric insulation and other advantages.

Access systems: Ladders, stairs & decking, gratings, cable trays, handrails
Window & doors: Window frames, door frames
Tools Handles: Various pultruded profiles

Public utilities, storm water, irrigation networks and surface water drainage; the transportation of waste and sewage, sewer systems, district heating and cooling systems and urban firewater systems: FRP/ GRP pipes

Oil and Gas Industry

Huge spending is done on exploring and production along with greater exploration of some non-conventional sources, which generally need more complex piping systems, has turned Oil & Gas into a growing market and ensures a persistent demand for pipe systems.

Demand for pipe systems has a backing of rising oil and energy prices that has also brought strong economic growth and substantial investments in Oil & Gas market since past few years.

In the Oil & Gas end-market, pipes are used in refinery piping, exploration, crude oil transmission, line pipe, flow lines, injection lines (water and gas), gas transmission lines, offshore platform piping, floating production storage and off-loading,

Pipes in Oil & Gas end-market are generally used in exploration, refinery piping, crude oil transmission, flow lines, line pipes, gas transmission lines, floating production storage and off-loading, offshore platform piping, sub-sea piping & marine piping on vessels: FRP/GRP/GRE pipes

Access systems: Gratings, stairs and decking, ladders, handrails, cable trays, etc.

Water Distribution Industry

We take water distribution industry as major end-markets for our products and expect demands to grow in this sector in coming years.

Applications & Products

Our offered pipes (GRP/FRP pipes) are used in city water distribution networks, cross country transmission and for various urban developments of portable water systems.

Access Systems are Ladders, Stairs and Decking, Gratings, Handrails, FRP manhole, Cable Trays, etc.


FRP products find applications in petrochemical plants due to their non-corrosive attributes, high durability and long life cycles.

Applications & Products

FRP/GRP pipes are widely used to circulate water in petrochemical plants, chemical lines, firewater systems, cooling systems along with process piping for these plants.

Access Systems: Ladders, Stairs & Decking, Gratings, Cable Trays, Handrails, FRP Manhole, etc.


Marine applications generally require highest strength and firmness and ensure UV stabilization, good weather managing ability and non-corrosiveness.

Applications & Products

GRE pipes can be applied to a variety of systems such as Marin Vessel (sea water cooling systems, ballast water systems, gland & flushing systems, black & grey water systems, fire fight systems. Inert gas effluent, condensate lines, sounding & ventilation lines, potable water systems, tank cleaning systems, scrubber units, ballast water treatment: GRE Pipes.

GRE is considered an ideal pipe system for a number of reasons for Marine market. Being light in weight and easier to handle as compared to rubber lined steel & conifer and galvanized steel, these come with lower installation costs. GRE pipe systems also last longer that reduces the maintenance cost as well as total cost of ownership as compared to steel pipe systems that generally need to get replaced for 2-3 times in the life time.

Access systems: Stairs & decking, cable trays, gratings, ladders, handrails, etc.

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