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Quality Environment
Aeron's FRP/GRP products are complete bio-degradable and eco-friendly alternative to different traditional materials. These FRP/GRP products are environmentally responsible choice.

FRP/GRP comes with low embodied energy that is "the total energy necessary to develop a product using raw materials through delivery." It is an excellent insulator against cold and heat. It also aids in conserving energy and reducing operating costs. This durable material comes with a long life cycle and also minimizes the replacement costs. It is prepared using glass that is made from sand-an abundant resource.

We use 5% pre-consumer recycled content to develop the products. As FRP/GRP comes with low electrical conductivity, it is used at the places, where electricity could pose a risk.

Aeron's Commitment
We adhere to QHSE Policy statement and commit to improve Health / Safety / Environment ( HSE ) by conducting potential risk assessment, minimizing waste and optimizing resources with three "R" concept that is Recovery, Reuse & Recycle).

FRP Waste is Eco-friendly
Solid waste developed during the production of FRP is cured fibre reinforcement material and polymer resin. The chemical structure of the fiber, filler content and polymers make the recycling process more complex. This waste is recycled by grinding it. Then, it is used as raw material and RTM method is used to produce FRP products. Recycled materials are used in spray up to the lengths of 15mm.

Customer Support
Besides recycling FRP scrap, we suggest customers that whenever the product reaches to the removal stage, it must be handed for Re-cycling.

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