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Material Holding Clamps

Offered material holding clamps have proper grip on material or work sample, which implies various tasks such as great accessibility to work sample, damage safe work sample clamping, elevated clamping pressures in varied space requirements, secure holding and fast clamping can be performed. The clamps are offered with caliber bar wrench and proper fastening with sliding procedure. Provided material holding clamps have single point detachment and attachment that helps in time reduction of setting up. Offered clamps are appropriate for complete surface machining of perforating and work sample. These clamps are heat treated that permits semi perpetual application. In addition, these have floating prevention working sort.

Key Features:
  • Secure work sample tightly together to avert separation or movement
  • Clamps permit placement of devices at different distances
  • Made from round extension arms that permit clamps to rotate
  • Possess integrated holder for attachment to different sorts of apparatuses