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FRP Pultruded Products

Offered FRP Pultruded Products are made from frp, which is composite material of polymer matrix supported with fibers that are normally basalt, aramid, carbon or glass. In construction, marine, automotive and aerospace industries, our products are deployed in extensive range. These frp products are intended to offer lasting functionality in elevated corrosive conditions, while providing elevated dielectric strength and lightweight advantages as contrasted to conventional construction material. Because of consistency of alignment, fiber distribution, resin dispersion and cross section of our pultruded products, outstanding composite structural products can be made through pultrusion. The products are made with pultrusion procedure that can compete with conventional metal products composed of aluminum and steel for weight and strength.

Key Features:
  • Fluid resin system can be integrated to offer specific functionality
  • Have elevated dimension stability and electromagnetic sheerness
  • Retardant against weather, corrosion, flame and conductivity
  • High strength and low weight enable ease installation and fabrication