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FRP And GRP Canopies

To cover critical equipment, there comes requirement of solid and reliable material for covering. And what can e best than FRP and GRP material! We offer FRP and GRP Canopies that secure the work horses of varied industries from impact, heat, dust, chemicals, acids, mist, rain and water. These canopies are retardant to corrosive surroundings of refineries, chemical plants, coastal areas; mechanically strong; light weight; handling free; U. V. balanced and highly insulating material due to careful and caliber making. In addition, our FRP and GRP canopies have zero water assimilation, excellent weather ability and aesthetic looks. The single piece molding of our canopies offer monolithic construction.

Key Features:
  • Louvers integrated every side of the protection shell
  • Possess suitable fixing arrangement for simplicity of installation at premises
  • Additional thickness is provided at suitable areas to withstand harsh influential elements
  • Uniform clearance for simple lifting and air circulation with louvers