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FRP And GRP Cable Tray

In the buildings’ electrical wiring, cable tray system has been deployed to reinforce protected electrical cables that are employed for communication, control and power distribution. Therefore, our company presents caliber FRP and GRP Cable Tray that is deployed as an option to open electrical conduit or wiring systems as well as is generally deployed for cable management in industrial and commercial construction. The tray is particularly beneficial in conditions where alteration to wiring system is expected, since fresh cables can be introduced by spreading them on our FRP and GRP cable tray, rather than pulling these cables from a pipe.

Key Features:
  • Allows some air circulation around water drainage and cables
  • Trays have rigid covers to secure cables from falling articles, water and dust
  • Splicing, supporting and clamping accessories can be deployed for functional system
  • Long fire stops or heavy coatings provided for fire resistance feature