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Fiber Glass Products

Featuring fiber glass products that are comprised of glass resin and fibers. The resin and glass arrangement are what decides the particular preferences of our products such as handrails, gratings, poles and more. Further, the glass fibers may be organized persistently, chopped or woven- every sort offers contrasts in quality fortification, weight and thickness. Whereas, the resin blend decides the level of erosion impedance, fire resistance and temperature, UV resistance as well as can likewise be detailed to be halogen free or conductive. It makes up of resin and glass fibers, which is the cause behind why our FRP products can offer the capacity to modify to a particular application or use.

Key Features:

  • The minimized weight helps the mobility of bigger sized components
  • Do not comprise the stability at highly elevated temperatures
  • Remove handling requirements like other material such as steel
  • Has freedom of design with relatively large size components